November 21, 2005

"The XXI century could be well that of a crime of humanity against life"

Alain Guillou send an alarm message and proposes a step forward to apply a solution to contribute slowing down the climatic Earth issue.


Antartica and North Poles are melting, Amazon river is drying up and people are already dying around the Mexican Gulf and South North America

Avalanches killed alpinists in the Himalayan chain in a place where no one could imagin that to happen. The seasons are all upside down in various continents

The Eternal snow of Ernst Hemingway are vanishing :

Nature will be as pitiless as we are being destroying her !


Alain Guillou

Images researcher and press agent Alain is a photographer of international reputation ( he won First Life's Picture of the Year in 1983 in the USA). He worked for magazines like Paris Match, National Geographic, Life, Forbes magazine and numerous hundred (if not thousands) on all the continents ...

He is also a photographer of the sea and of Brittany which he likes passionately.

With his recumbent carbon bicycle VK3 made in Poland by Velokraft, he prepares to make photographs in the Island of Yeu before joining the banks of the Nantes to Brest Canal followed by a drive all around Brittany by North then the South and return in Nantes ...

This run just to prepare himself to take course toward North Cape in Norway for a drive around all of Europe and to follow the former line of the Iron Curtain down to the East of Turquey


Questions :

1) do you realize that you can pay for your house by not spending money in your car to go to work. Yes ! a recumbent bicycle allow you to go faster and further with a minimum effort. If your work is about 20 km from your home then you can bicycle, save your money, get a better health, help to preserve precious social health budget and over all contribute to try saving our planet ?

PLease calculate your car cost per kilometer, you will realise that you can save for most of the cases between 3.000 to 6.000 euros per year ! How much over 15 years ?

2) Did you know that average car speed of a Parisian commuter is very far less than 40 km/h

3) Did you know that with a recumbent bicycle at 250 watts of power you go with a better blood pressure at 42 km/h instead of 35 km/h with a normal racing bike and that anyone in normal condition may drive this bike at an average speed of 20 km/h

4) Did you know that with a recumbent bike you can use mountain clothes technology at winter time to go comfortably around bicycling in your city whatever is the weather ? (your bike can even wear snow tyres if nescessary !)

5) SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING ? go and change your life if not yet done !


Alain 's partners are: Velokraft Poland, Pulsar-Cycles, Websolaire, Bretagne Agence Presse etc.

You can also become yourselves an official supporter -- if you buy on his site one of the splendid CD he published on Brittany and on his voyages.

Alain, rather than publishing photographic books on paper (finally destroying the forests) proposes an original idea. His diaporamas screen savers offer an exceptional visual quality that settle under the eyes of the reader during months instead of collecting dust on a rack. His CD "Fleur de Sel" on the Salt of Guérande is a "visual monument" carried out over 20 years of shooting . For Cd's or to finance 1 km for 1 euros or more and to take part in his action, return on the site

An original gift idea but also a way to support him and his message project.

Please spread this message around.

Contact : +33 614 839 318