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My name is Alain Guillou
I'm from: Herbignac - South Brittany / Europe


is to provide a visual escape and dreams to people while searching for a new point of view and for the excitement to discover the rare image of the day. While doing so I love to sail, walk, jump, fly, climb or ride my Toxy ZR recumbent bike to reach that very unique position at a given time.

I love that job because it put me into any kind of situation, meeting any sort of people and seeing unique things anywhere in the world being a witness of the incredible beauty of our planet. My greatest reward is that so particular smile or that very specific spark of happiness shining in the eye of a reader looking at one of my pictures.


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For Alain Guillou photogaphy is a way of life, an adventure and a wild image quest. He travelled all over the world walking, ballooning, flying ultra light, hang glider, sailing, bicycling and with many more means of transportation with a permanent goal, meet people, open our eyes on various sites to reach visions we didn't thought were existing.

Sponsored by the prestigious camera factory LEICA (a unique privilege), he made friend among others with Malcolm S. Forbes who said to him "Alain you write better with pictures than I do with words". He met Nancy Reagan, sailed with nordic sirens on swedish navy schooners or to Iceland and North Atlantic with his favourite sailship La Belle-Poule and l'Etoile or sailed up the Nile with his own sailboat LEICA.

His numerous reports inspired numerous generation of photographer. They were largely published in most of the largest international


Hang glider pionneer, creator of the Balloon Safari as a main co-share holder of Kenya Balloons Ltd in the 70ties and of Air Libre Sarl Alain was also a precursor in large aerial photographic reports.

In this field he surprised the world with his extraordinary picture of the Eiffel seen from above at its exact vertical and over all he discovered one of the most beautifull treasure the earth seen from the sky could offer us : hidden on Ernst Hemingway Eternal Snows was the Eagle of Mount Kilimanjaro.

The Snows aren't Eternal anymore ! Alain decided to help informing the largest possible public about climate heat

This granite made man uses nowaday a recumbent bicycle as a means of transportation. He covered more than 50.000 kilometers in his beloved Brittany country where he likes to say that the grass is greener than elsewhere and where he shooted most of the images of these DVD and of his book La Mer.


25 rue des Fresches

44410 Herbignac

Tel : 0033 (0)2 40 70 64 48

Tel : 0033 (0)6 14 83 93 18

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